Terra's Legacy

Carrying the torch forward

Terra is the spiritual successor to Mars Explorer, a game built by a teenager in 2008.

Mars Explorer focused on flying cars, giant volcanoes, and multiplayer laser tag with your friends. It spent a month as the most popular macOS dashboard game in the world. Along the way, something magical happened. Players started designing their own worlds and vehicles. Mars Explorer became an experimental sandbox for hundreds of thousands of people to build, share, and explore their own virtual realities.

While realizing their creative visions in Mars Explorer, thousands of high school students were introduced to 3D modeling and computer programming. Many discovered new passions, and several have already begun professional careers in art and industrial design.

Mars Explorer's original developer, Aubrey Falconer, is now bringing technology-enabled creative expression into the future. Terra includes pro-level tools to transform your creative visions into multiplayer realities that can be shared and experienced in a friendly, welcoming community.

The future belongs to creators.
Join us.

In 2015, Mars Explorer was retired as an active project.
Many of you took the opportunity to share a few kind words. Thanks again, dear friends!

• "Your creation led to friendships and experiences that will last us a lifetime." - Spongejax

• "Even though I drifted away, I've not found as close-knit a community on the internet anywhere else since, and the times I've spent here will always hold a special place in my memories. Thanks for everything." - AppleSky

• "I've made many of my best friends because of your work." - Firestar

• "You all helped me get through a rough patch in my life and gave me some of the greatest friendships I'll ever experience and likely remember forever. Mars Explorer has had a huge impact on my life." - Dogwalker 

• "I've been gone from the game and forums for a while now. The impact on my life, however, still continues. Thanks once again for all the memories, and for allowing me to grow up on here." - TheDude

• "Thank You so much for everything Aubrey.  This website really changed and shaped who I became as a person and taught me so many wonderful life lessons. I almost feel like I grew up here and that Mars Explorer really was a second home to me." - Ren467
• "Thank you for making my childhood a very magical one." - Sven

• "Thank you for the substantial impact you had on my life, Aubrey. From treating me so nicely after I discovered hacking many years ago and messed around with your administrative privileges to implementing my very first "Eric's Maze" map to giving me programming lessons over Skype, you have been an inspirationally patient, caring, and passionate role model." - Eric

• "Mars has been a part of my life for so long.  From when I used to play daily games, to now where it's just PMs and occasional forum posts.  It's never left my mind.  I met so many amazing people on here, had so much fun, and will never forget the times I've had here.  Without this place my life would have been a lot different.  It's more than a game.  It's the people here, the way the site looks, the way the forums work, including all their flaws.  All part of the amazing community of Mars Explorer." - MarsReckoning

• "I am a Computer Science major today because of this game. You guys successfully sparked what is quickly turning into a lifelong love of working with computers to make our lives better in meaningful ways." - ffroggy